Welcome To MaxeleratorIT - We guarantee your business.

Welcome To MaxeleratorIT - We guarantee your business.

Features making SwiftPass Special

Check out some of the features of SwiftPass below. However please know that there is so much more to Swiftpass than what you see here!

Convenient App

This app detects where you are and what you are trying to carry out. You can change itself for your convenience.


While you are in a restaurant, you can browse menu, order food and pay using your phone without even calling a waiter.


While in a store use your phone to scan. You can shop and pay without standing at checkout tills.

Magic Wand

This is one of the app that does it all. This is one app that rules them all.


While you are in a movie hall to purchase tickets, buy snacks and gain direct entry without even standing in the long queues.


You can use your phone to gain entry and you can allow visitors to get free access without the need for access cards.

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Client Testimonials

I’ve been working with MaxeleratorIT for a five years now and with the Wohola software, and it has hugely contributed in those years to help me expand my marketing business. The team is very friendly and knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend them.

Stasys Labasauskas Director - Slam Marketing

When it comes to creating professional, attractive, and effective websites, there is no company that can surpass them. Thanks to their talent, our site has taken off in the search engines like a rocket. The attention is fabulous and working with them is superb.

David Aldred Owner - Gerbera Gardening

A big thankyou to the team for the amazing job they did on our website.. Not only did they excell in putting together what we wanted but also their professionalism honesty and patience truly deserves five stars..
Highly reccomened to all.

Rima Hawcher Owner - One stop Panel and Paint

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