Welcome To MaxeleratorIT - We guarantee your business.

Welcome To MaxeleratorIT - We guarantee your business.

Characteristics that makes WOHOLA special

Check out some of the basic Wohola features below. However please know that there is so much more to Wohola than what you see here!

Direct Text Editor

WOHOLA works with a special mechanism and it allows you to edit text on your webpage, just like word document. It is easy to access and it makes your task transparent and seamless.

Easy Social Media Feed

WOHOLA enables users to get simplified interface in order to manage social media feeds. These social media feeds are generated from platforms like Twitter along with Google map, Facebook and so on.

Easy Code Access

With this mechanism users are not limited to make one change that the system allows. One will have complete access to code in case of customization. Assessment becomes easy through these mechanisms.

Easy Slideshow Maker

You can click the single button in order to add or delete slides in your websites. You will no longer have to deal with complicated plug-in or complicated operational systems that were used earlier.

Category & Post Manage

Managing posts are not that difficult with WOHOLA. It does not really matter if it is in the latest sections, recipe section, and blog section, project data base or real estate, you can easily add info.

Multilingual Support

WOHOLA has an in-built multi language support. It already has different solutions that have implemented multiple languages within. You no longer have to change the language time and again during your task.

Easy Configuration

Managing configuration of settings can be done with ease. All the configurations and settings are managed right where they are used. The easy configuration, allows making the entire task simple and smooth.

Product Price & Timeline

WOHOLA is not only a CMS but a complete mechanical platform. All you will get is 100% customized solution. It depends on you on how you are about to run your website and your business.

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Wohola Characteristics

Check out some of the features of Wohola!

Managing social media feeds in an easy manner

The simple interface in WOHOLA will help you to manage Facebook feeds along with twitter feeds and so on. It is to be noted that if you are about to use YouTube and Google maps then also this platform is tailored to meet your needs and preferences.

Previously you needed to consult your developer in order to change the HTML codes to add a thing or two, but now things have changed. You no longer have to depend on complicated things. With WOHOLA things will become seamless transparent.

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Edit text directly on Webpage Like a Normal document

Through this particular platform you can simply edit text directly on your webpage just like a simple document. The most instrumental part is you do not even need to click save. Isn’t it easy? Off course it is.

If you have already used any CMS methodology, you would know that even after getting assurance from your website designer, you fail to make changes in your site. The backed admin panel is quite difficult to manage. Even the noted professionals find it difficult to manage it.

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Access to your code

With WOHOLA, your access is not limited to make changes that the system only allows. You will have complete access to code in case there are some things you wish to change for which WOHOLA does not have access to easy buttons. You can still carry it out, if you have some technical knowledge or you could hire a technical professional to do the task for you.

As per the general notion is concerned you never need to open the code editor. This is because whatever you need is all in readiness for you. You can carry it out in an easy and quick manner without having any technical knowledge. This nothing but can be defined as backup insurance policy. Here you know you are not limited by what we offer you in your WOHOLO solution.

With the access to code you will have more control and power and you will have the stability to change whatever you want in your solutions.

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Add or remove slides from sliders with ease

You can simply click a single button. At the same time you can add or can delete slides in your website. You can be rest assured that there will not be any such complicated plug-ins or there will not be any such hassle based operation.

It would be wise to let you know that single button clicks will help you add a new slide. At the next stage the task would be to change the content on that particular side. Well it would only be honest to say that the process is nothing but easy.

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Manage posts and categories with single button clicks

Managing posts is not that difficult. It does not really matter if it is a brand new section, recipe section or a blog, you can add new information through a single click. If you are having client management system, you can go ahead and add all the new clients through single click of the button. If you are in need to add or delete or change categories, you can do it in a seamless manner.

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Easily manage all configurations

With WOHOLA managing configurations or settings are easy. Numerous business functions require some sort of configuration or settings. Usually these configurations are hidden somewhere and it does have strange names. All you can do is learn and struggle to find these configurations. But in case of WOHOLA, you will not have to take up any heed.

As for instance in the above image the buttons for managing configuration for newsletters are right next to the newsletter form. You do not need to find them somewhere and these configurations are not in need of strange technical names that are usually provided by software developers.

Imagine software where you know that if you click on a button next to the newsletter, you can change the newsletter configuration.

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Inbuilt multi language support

This particular system does have a multi language support. If you already have varied software solution and have implemented them, you are aware about the difficulties.

Not only time, but a lot of money gets wasted to allow the support of multiple languages. With the advancement of WOHOLA you can build a solution in one single language and can add support for further language. If you are running an international business with presence in numerous countries then, it is time to think about WOHOLA.

Change images with single button clicks- It is not just the text that you can change easily. You can simply click on the image and it will show you buttons to upload more images. You can even have the opportunity to change the images. If you need you can upload new images from your computer or you can use one of those images that you had previously uploaded.

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Change Images With Simple Button Clicks

It's not just text but you can change images easily, too. Simply click on the image and it would show you buttons to upload more images or change those images.

You can upload new images from your computer or you can simply use one of the images that you had previously uploaded. It's all very simple.

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Custom solution at the timeline of product

WOHOLA is a complete platform for creating solutions. With a unique architecture you will no longer have to work with pre-written software. You can be rest assured that you will get 100% custom solution. You can decide how you can run your business. You can get software that befits you in the long run. Here you can get almost all type of business work flows and processes.

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Client Testimonials

I’ve been working with MaxeleratorIT for a five years now and with the Wohola software, and it has hugely contributed in those years to help me expand my marketing business. The team is very friendly and knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend them.

Stasys Labasauskas Director - Slam Marketing

When it comes to creating professional, attractive, and effective websites, there is no company that can surpass them. Thanks to their talent, our site has taken off in the search engines like a rocket. The attention is fabulous and working with them is superb.

David Aldred Owner - Gerbera Gardening

A big thankyou to the team for the amazing job they did on our website.. Not only did they excell in putting together what we wanted but also their professionalism honesty and patience truly deserves five stars..
Highly reccomened to all.

Rima Hawcher Owner - One stop Panel and Paint

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